Systems and Sweets

It has been snowing…so much.  Like, I-can-barely-walk-down-the-street-without-falling-to-my-mushy-death much.  Needless to say, I have been stuck indoors for quite awhile which, while nice at first, has become a bit old.  After an embarrassing number of hours spent Netflix perusing, I forced myself to put down the remote and devoted my attention to the mountainous amount of schoolwork I needed to finish..and start.  And by getting to work, I mean I turned my attention to Pinterest. Shameless.

Dane Cook once tweeted that if you deleted a woman’s Pinterest account, it would basically be wiping out her soul. Truth!  I’m not afraid to say that I would be lost without my boards…how did I ever come up with ideas about ANYTHING before??  This virtual mecca of all things creative has served me time and time again, and today it really delivered.  Whilst scrolling through my beloved procrastination fairy-land, I stumbled across links concerning two things I love best: organization, and sweets!  Snow day boredom= solved!

I’ll start with my first find…bullet journaling.  This is seriously the best planner/journal/life organizing idea that I have ever seen, and I am so grateful I know about it now!  I love planning things, making to-do lists, and jotting down important “to-remembers” in a small journal I keep in my bag.  However, once I began graduate school, I found that my trusty journal lacked the space I needed to write down all of my school assignments as well.  I caved and bought a separate “school” journal which, as you can imagine, made life a little more confusing.  But no more!  Now that I’ve stumbled across Bullet Journaling, I can combine both of my journals into one convenient notebook.  
{meet my Bullet Journal}


{important dates}

Seriously, this feels like a life-changer already.  I know that many people would find this dull, but as a lover of systems, list, and organization…this is basically Christmas for me.  The journal focuses around an index page where you record your “entries” and the page numbers which you find them on.  Alas, you can keep your To-Do’s, Ideas, Lists, Contacts…or whatever other information you need handy, organized in the same space!  While I wish I could credit myself with this idea, I sadly cannot.  You can find much more information about how this journal works and how to set one up 

Needless to say, my Bullet Journal is all set up and ready to go!  My first item on my To-Do list?  Obviously, to bake chocolate chip cookies from a new recipe I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest.

So, now I have delicious vegan cookies courtesy of taste love and nourish‘s blog, and a new journal system to check off that I baked them in.  Andddd all that work I still have to do. Baby steps.

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