Go Green

My new favorite obsession: the green smoothie.  While I’m not exactly new to whipping up these babies, I’ve found myself craving them every morning for breakfast for the past few weeks.  For me, they are the perfect way to pack some fruits and vegetables into my tummy right at the start of my day, and  drinking them leaves me feeling satisfied, energized, and refreshed until lunchtime.  While my usual choice is a power green smoothie*, I love mixing up ingredients to keep myself from getting bored.  

While I am far from an expert on nutritious smoothies, I do think I’ve picked up a trick or two while blending my drinks.  Here are some of my go-to smoothie blending tips:

1) Use frozen bananas as a base.  This adds a delicious, frosty, milkshake-esque element to your drink.
2) Don’t neglect your greens.  When blending a power smoothie that I’ll need to get me through my day, I always include baby spinach.  The leaves provide you with a punch of essential vitamins and nutrients, without compromising the flavor of your drink.  If baby spinach isn’t your style, try kale or another dark, leafy green.

3) Mix up your fruits!  To save time, I like to buy packages of frozen, unsweetened fruit to add to my smoothies.  This cuts prep time in half, giving you more time to experiment with fruity flavor combinations.  My current favorite are frozen sweet red cherries…magical.

4) Add your protein.  Nuts, nut butters, protein powders, seeds- you name it! 

5) Pick your poison.  The type of liquid you choose to blend with your smoothie gives you more taste options!  For a purer smoothie, go with chilled water or coconut water.  If you want a creamier taste, go for your milk of choice (side note-avocado can also add a delicious creamy element to your drink).   For a fruitier taste, you could use fresh squeezed juice.  Try out a few of these liquid bases to see what you like best!

6) Treat yourself to little extras; they add depth to your smoothie’s flavors, and make them more visually appealing (I’m looking at you Instagrammers).  I LOVE adding a touch of coconut sugar to my drinks to give them a naturally sweeter flavor.  Coconut flakes, fresh fruits, brown sugar…the list goes on and on. 

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes?  Need inspiration?  Try starting here and here for some ideas.  I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time- happy blending!

* In this recipe, I use chia seeds instead of the Superfood Blend, and spinach instead of kale.


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