Work It

When T and I first looked at our apartment, its selling feature was the 1/2 bedroom that we thought would make a perfect study.  When we moved in, I was so excited to get my desk and my little creative corner set up.  I got the desk part done…and by that I mean my desk was placed in the study and then instantly covered by a crazy array of papers, picture frames, old textbooks, and various other odds and ends that I didn’t have an alternative home for.
Months later (ermm…7) I finally had an afternoon of free time which I decided to use to tackle our study.  While I’m far from an expert, here are a few bits of advice I forced myself to follow during my “make the desk usable” project.

1) RECYCLE EVERYTHING- Really.  You do not need those old invitations to events you’ve attended years ago, those syllabi from semesters ago, or the receipt from that coffee you bought in 2011.  Any such odds and ends that are not important or (seriously) sentimental can go right in the recycling bin.
2) Place things where they make sense- This might seem like a no-brainer, but keep your things organized by purpose.  One of my desk drawers for example is the “important items” drawer where I keep important documents, extra checks, and invitations to upcoming events.  In another drawer, I keep my pens, stationary, stamps, etc.  You get the picture.
3) Make it yours- You don’t want your home office or study to feel like you’re at work.  This area should feel inviting, relaxing, and fun.  Add pictures, signs, plants, candles, etc that inspire you.  These items will personalize your space and help you feel happy when working there.
4) Keep it clean.  It’s no fun to work at a dusty desk, or look out a window with a dead fly on the sill.  It’s just not.



{feeling more creative already}

{yes, i did hang this by myself}

 {book corner}

Have you ever undertaken a work space makeover? I’d love to hear all about it! 
Until next time!


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