Far From The Madding Crowd

Earlier this summer, I went to see the newest film version of Thomas Hardy’s novel with T and his family while vacationing at their lake house.  Needless to say I loved it (and you would too if you enjoy seeing Carey Mulligan rock a period film), and I wanted to read Mr. Hardy’s original version immediately.  Lots of people at my local library must have had the same idea, since I had to wait for what felt like forever to receive a copy, and only finished it last night.
 The story’s heroine is Bathsheba Everdene (inspiration for Katniss?!), a strong-willed, independent, and somewhat vain woman who rises in social rank and power after inheriting her uncle’s farm and all of its responsibilities.  Despite her insistent declarations of being too independent for marriage, Bathsheba finds herself to be the love interest of not one, but THREE men; Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer who asked for hand before her inheritance of the farm, William Boldwood, a fellow affluent farmer whom Bathsheba unknowingly entices, and Frank Troy, a scoundrel of an army sergeant.  I don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the novel for you, but I can promise that this is an interesting and worthwhile read (and there is at least one unexpected death!)
I admit that I initially had a difficult time getting into the book, which is not at all surprising considering its original publishing year of 1874.  However, once I got used to the novel’s rhythm and style (be warned: Hardy enjoys using multiple paragraphs to describe the various settings) I found it was quite easy to keep up with.  I highly recommend this book if you enjoy the classics (I’m thinking Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, etc.) If you do check it out, I would love to know what you think!
Now that this book is finished, I am having the hardest time choosing my next read. Any suggestions?
Until next time…happy reading!

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