Bachelorette Weekend (Not for Me)

In a little over a month, one of my nearest and dearest will marry her high school sweetheart!  While I started noticing a year or two ago that EVERYONE my age that I knew from high school and college seems to be popping the question or rocking a ring, Lauren is my first close friend to walk down the aisle.  Needless to say that I am over-the-moon happy for her, but it still feels strange to watch her move through all of the rituals that go along with getting married.  Even though I’m not the one saying “I do” quite yet, watching my friend get married makes me feel like more of an adult, and leaves me reflecting on how much my friends and I have all grown up without our noticing.  Lauren’s wedding won’t only be the most magical day of her life, but will also mark a new era in our circle of friends.  I can’t wait to see what waits for me, for all of us, in this new age of so-called ‘adulthood.’

Behind every good wedding is a great bachelorette party, and we threw Lauren’s this past weekend.  Between enjoying a mead tasting (I was skeptical about drinking it, but I left the meadery with two souvenir bottles in tow to enjoy with T), indulging in girl-talk and junk food in a cabin in the woods, and showering the bride with naughty gifts and a blow-up doll with Jon Snow’s face***, I think it’s safe to say that the evening was a success, and Lauren has everything she needs in her new life as a wife!

 {toast to the bride!}
 {champagne cheers, post mead drinking}
 {inappropriate penis crowns are the best crowns}
 {you know nothing, Jon Snow}
And of course, no matter how much fun I have with my ladies, I’m always so glad to come home to these two.  I mean, come on.
{T and Daisy}  

Do you have any fun Bachelorette party stories or ideas? I would love to hear about them!

***As fun and hilarious as blow-up dolls are, this is the only picture I had of him without his, ermmm, equipment showing.  I wanted to keep it classy(ish) like that!

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