School is back in session, and I am (slowly) getting back into the swing of things.  I’m still working as a middle school paraprofessional during the day and taking graduate classes towards my master’s in teaching at night, which means free time is more or less out the window until mid-December.  Despite the strain, I have a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy this semester.  I get to take all of my content area classes this semester, which means I can let my English geek out to play a bit….which I am embarrassingly excited about.  I’m even taking a creative writing class; it was a risky move for me, but I’m looking forward to see what I come up with!

Even though this semester will doubtless be a busy one, I fully intend to plan out my time well enough to still allow for plenty of fun on the weekends.  I didn’t do a great job of that last semester, and I found that I burned myself out way too quickly.  It is so important to find a happy balance between work and leisure, and I’m going to try my best to find mine this fall.

In the spirit of making time for fun, I checked out the Vegan Food Truck Festival this past weekend with some girlfriends.  While I was the only plant-based diner in the group, my friends were just as excited as I was to try out some new and interesting vegan cuisine.  

{sadly, this was a short line!}

Located in Cambridge, the festival housed about ten trucks and a beer tent.  I think the plethora of options led to our rookie mistake of breaking up into different lines to buy things that we individually wanted.  I waited in one line for 25 minutes only to learn that the one dish I wanted to buy was sold out when it was my turn to order!  I ended up hopping into one more line and only sampled food from one truck that day.  If I learned anything about food truck festival-ing this weekend it was this: ALWAYS divide and conquer.  Looking back, I think that we would have been able to get much more out of the festival if we chose a few trucks that we all wanted to try, and each waited in a different line to buy a bunch of dishes to bring back to the group to share.  Next time!   

{victory looks like lentil pie}
{so a vegan and a carnivore walk into a food truck festival…}
Despite the long lines and not being able to sample everything we wanted, the day was a blast.  I mean, how can you complain about eating delicious vegan food on a beautiful Boston day with some of your best friends?
   {witches? not sure…uncomfortable.}

Sunday was brunchy and deliciously lazy.  I wanted about eight more of these Bloody Mary’s.
{T and a bloody}

What do you do to unwind?  Did you do any food truck festival advice?  I’d love to hear all about it!
Until next time!

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