Products I Love- LimeGreenTaxiShop

Hey all!  I’m so excited to announce my very first “series” here on Have Heart.  I plan on using this space to share reviews of products that I personally love and use everyday.  So without further ado, meet my delicious new Vino soy wax candle from the beautiful ladies over at LimeGreenTaxiShop!
Started and co-owned by one of my nearest and dearest, Liz, and her friend Christine, LimeGreenTaxiShop is a funky little Etsy store that sells 100% homemade scented soy candles, poured with love into recycled and repurposed containers.  These unique candles come in a variety of styles, including but not limited to vintage tea cups, repurposed wine and beer bottles, recycled jars of salsa, and tea tins.  Their shop offers options that would make perfect gifts for anyone from your boyfriend to your coworker to your grandmother!  
 {pretty and personal packaging}
While I admit that I have been gifted a few of these candles by Liz, I proudly purchased two (including my newest Vino candle) because I love them so much.  Visually, they serve as interesting and stunning decorative pieces that look great pretty much anywhere throughout the house.  Scent-wise, they are inviting without being overwhelming or headache-inducing.  As someone who loves to have a candle burning whenever I’m at home but doesn’t enjoy the headaches that the odors of too-strong candles can cause, I am particularly fond of the balance the LimeGreenTaxiShop has found in their scents.  If you’re in the market for a visually appealing and perfectly scented soy candle, this shop is the place for you.
In addition to my new Vino candle, our home boasts several other candles from the LimeGreenTaxiShop.  I’ve loved incorporating them into my decor (not to mention that they keep our apartment smelling nice!)  
 {candle bowl-purchase}
 {Liz made this candle out of one my FAVORITE bottles of wine- gifted}
 {haven’t had the heart to burn this yet, because lumos- gifted}
Feel free to check out what the ladies over at LimeGreenTaxiShop have to offer!
Head over to their Etsy shop here
Check out their Instagram here
{these are a few of my favorite things}
Until next time! 

Congrats L.O.!

This weekend, I had the privilege to witness Lauren, one of my oldest and dearest friends, marry her high school sweetheart (they have been dating for 10 YEARS!!!)  To say that I’m ecstatic for them is an understatement, and I am so thrilled that their day was nothing short of perfect.  I apologize for my lack of pictures…I got a little busy sobbing tears of joy at the ceremony and dancing the night away at the reception.

 {mrs. and her parents}
 {we fancy. dress: asos; lipstick: red revolution, maybelline}

{my ride or dies}
Since Lauren’s wedding was in our hometown, T and I spent the night at my mom’s house…which was perfect because we got to help her out with her AMAZING decision to adopt this little guy!!!  She brought this adorable little five-year-old, Jax, home for a trial run and she has decided to take the plunge and give him a forever home.  I am so beyond thrilled for my mum and her new companion…it’s going to take everything in my power not to sneak back home to kidnap him.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I have major dog fever.  But, as much as I would love to become a dog mom, I have to admit (mostly to myself) that with work and full-time grad school on top of T’s schedule, we just do not have the time to introduce a dog into our home.  We’re holding off on looking into adopting a dog for now, but I have a feeling that’ll change pretty soon after graduation this May.
What did you this weekend? Any weddings or pet adoptions (ha!)?  I’d love to hear : )
Until next time!

My October

While I love the entirety of the fall season, there is something to be said about the month of October.  To me, this month is perfect.  Seriously, what is not to love about October?  You get refreshingly chilly days, explosions of color in the trees, the return of boots, pumpkin things, and Halloween.

Despite being sick over the long weekend, I was DETERMINED not to cancel my plans with T to take a drive to Lull Farms in New Hampshire to bask in the fall-y delights of apple and pumpkin picking.  While I easily tore through roughly three packs of tissues, it was well worth it.  

Living in the city, it can be very easy to forget how perfect and otherworldly a simple apple orchard can be.  I could have stayed there all day.

 {endless sunflowers}

 {me and my T}
 {apple picking is hard}

 {turning him into a selfie-man}
 {sunnies in the distance}
 {queen of flannel and pumpkins}

 {Sunday ride}
 {the one photo I TOOK}

 {fire tree}

Naturally, we walked away from this day with more apples then we could possibly eat, so I promptly baked apple crisp that was consumed before it was photographed.  I DID manage to snap the pumpkin bread I made for my writing workshop classmates.  

How have you been enjoying this season?  I’d love to hear!

I’m Back!

Hello!  I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for a little under…a month.  I know.  It’s bad.  I’m still getting this whole working/going to school/sleeping/working out rhythm down, but this day off (Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!) has allowed me to finally catch up.  So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

Firstly, did I mention that T and I got a new camera?  Well, we did, and it’s AMAZING to play around with it.  While my phone or my small (ancient) digital will do in a pinch, I really love having the option to take higher quality photos now.

{Daisy, being just the cutest little thing ever}

A couple weekends ago, T and I headed out to Western Massachusetts to attend the Big-E, a HUGE annual fair.  When we weren’t chomping down on all the glorious fried food that the fair had to offer we were perusing craft stands, visiting the animals, and of course, snapping pictures (all with delicious craft beer in tow!)

Here are some of my favorite shots:


{plotting to steal a great pumpkin}

{midway by day:  Jeans and top- Target; bag-Nordstrom}


{dreaming of Christmas already}

{here comes the parade!}

The one down side of an otherwise great day was this; seeing this poor beauty being forced to give hoards of people rides around in a tiny, dusty circle.  I do NOT condone this, or any animal abuse and misuses.  T took this pictures because he knows I love elephants, and looking back through them, it is so clear to me that this gorgeous animal is miserable in this environment.  After seeing this, along with hoards of farm animals being gawked at in pens I’m sure they weren’t comfortable in, I plan on doing my research so I can officially add my voice and my efforts towards ending the use of animals at fairs, carnivals, circuses, theme parks, etc. 

{so sweet, she breaks my heart}

{take my hand}

{practicing my schoolteacher}

{detention status}

{meet the man behind the camera, my Tim}

{sweet, sweet victory}


{my very first bite of a fried oreo!!!}

{caught on my phone}

{on the ferris wheel}

I have so much more to catch you all up on! Stay tuned 🙂