My October

While I love the entirety of the fall season, there is something to be said about the month of October.  To me, this month is perfect.  Seriously, what is not to love about October?  You get refreshingly chilly days, explosions of color in the trees, the return of boots, pumpkin things, and Halloween.

Despite being sick over the long weekend, I was DETERMINED not to cancel my plans with T to take a drive to Lull Farms in New Hampshire to bask in the fall-y delights of apple and pumpkin picking.  While I easily tore through roughly three packs of tissues, it was well worth it.  

Living in the city, it can be very easy to forget how perfect and otherworldly a simple apple orchard can be.  I could have stayed there all day.

 {endless sunflowers}

 {me and my T}
 {apple picking is hard}

 {turning him into a selfie-man}
 {sunnies in the distance}
 {queen of flannel and pumpkins}

 {Sunday ride}
 {the one photo I TOOK}

 {fire tree}

Naturally, we walked away from this day with more apples then we could possibly eat, so I promptly baked apple crisp that was consumed before it was photographed.  I DID manage to snap the pumpkin bread I made for my writing workshop classmates.  

How have you been enjoying this season?  I’d love to hear!


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