Products I Love- LimeGreenTaxiShop

Hey all!  I’m so excited to announce my very first “series” here on Have Heart.  I plan on using this space to share reviews of products that I personally love and use everyday.  So without further ado, meet my delicious new Vino soy wax candle from the beautiful ladies over at LimeGreenTaxiShop!
Started and co-owned by one of my nearest and dearest, Liz, and her friend Christine, LimeGreenTaxiShop is a funky little Etsy store that sells 100% homemade scented soy candles, poured with love into recycled and repurposed containers.  These unique candles come in a variety of styles, including but not limited to vintage tea cups, repurposed wine and beer bottles, recycled jars of salsa, and tea tins.  Their shop offers options that would make perfect gifts for anyone from your boyfriend to your coworker to your grandmother!  
 {pretty and personal packaging}
While I admit that I have been gifted a few of these candles by Liz, I proudly purchased two (including my newest Vino candle) because I love them so much.  Visually, they serve as interesting and stunning decorative pieces that look great pretty much anywhere throughout the house.  Scent-wise, they are inviting without being overwhelming or headache-inducing.  As someone who loves to have a candle burning whenever I’m at home but doesn’t enjoy the headaches that the odors of too-strong candles can cause, I am particularly fond of the balance the LimeGreenTaxiShop has found in their scents.  If you’re in the market for a visually appealing and perfectly scented soy candle, this shop is the place for you.
In addition to my new Vino candle, our home boasts several other candles from the LimeGreenTaxiShop.  I’ve loved incorporating them into my decor (not to mention that they keep our apartment smelling nice!)  
 {candle bowl-purchase}
 {Liz made this candle out of one my FAVORITE bottles of wine- gifted}
 {haven’t had the heart to burn this yet, because lumos- gifted}
Feel free to check out what the ladies over at LimeGreenTaxiShop have to offer!
Head over to their Etsy shop here
Check out their Instagram here
{these are a few of my favorite things}
Until next time! 

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