Hello all!! I deeply apologize for my absence from Have Heart…between getting ready for the holidays and wrapping up everything for my classes last semester, this blog got itself pushed wayyyy to the bottom of my to-do list. BUT! I’m back, feeling refreshed, and ready to dive back into posting again!
I am a huge fan of fresh starts (who isn’t, really) and I am so excited to share some of my resolution plans with you.  I’ll post more on that later this week, but in the meantime I wanted to share some photos from our recent trip to Orlando (read: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter).  We road-tripped it from Boston to Florida, which is an experience I can say I was not prepared for.  Despite that, I’m happy to report that we had an absolute blast!  The trip was a perfect way to wrap up the old year, welcome the new, and celebrate our one-year anniversary of living together.  Considering we spent literally 48+ hours in a car together without fighting/crying/going insane, I’d say this was quite a feat.
Anyway, back to Harry Potter.  While I promise we visited other areas of Orlando, most of the pictures that T took centered around this part of the trip, which I am 1000% okay with.  I am a die-hard HP fan, and I literally teared up (not embarrassed) when I first saw Diagon Alley.  If you haven’t made a trip…GO!!! It’s absolutely magical, even for the non-fans! T can vouch.
 {back to london}
 {our first peak at diagon alley!}
 {bought it}


 {the safest place in the world for your money}
 {had to get a picture outside the bookshop}
 {my first taste of butterbeer}


 {owl post}
 {inside olivander’s}
 {opening my new wand! modeled on hermione’s herself}
 {officially a witch}


 {hagrid’s motorbike}
 {the leaky cauldron}
 {waiting for my first glimpse of the hogwarts express}
 {all aboard!}


 {hogsmeade village!}


{hoggy hoggy howarts!}
Until next time!

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