Hello, hello!  I know I’m a few days late, but I am so excited that 2016 is here!  2015 was so good to me: I moved into a new apartment with T (a big first for both of us), started graduate school, witnessed one of my best friends get married, and got to go on amazing end-of-the-year trip to Florida.  I am so grateful for everything last year brought me, and look forward to see what this year will bring.

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I am a huge, huge fan of fresh starts in the name of improving oneself.  What better time to start than New Years??  While this is the season of making sweeping resolutions (which, not to be a downer, few people end up sticking to anyway), I want to try something a bit different this year.  Instead of creating a list of huge resolutions that I know I probably won’t feel motivated to see through come February, I will be choosing 12 “habits” that I either want to work into my everyday routine OR cut down on.  The idea is, if I focus on one goal for a shorter period of time, I will (hopefully) be more likely to see it through and actually adopt it or remove it from my everyday life.  Wish me luck!

First up is my January goal: getting my body back on track.  More specifically, I will use this month to refocus on eating a nourishing plant-based diet, and exercising five days a week.  While I can’t say I don’t hope to lose some weight in the process, for once this is not my central goal.  Over the holidays, I completely let myself go, and now I am feeling it…in the worst way.  After a few weeks of over-indulging on creamy, cheesy, and buttery treats (vegan fail), not exercising, and not sleeping enough, it’s safe to say that my body is NOT happy with me.  This January, I want to take advantage of my somewhat roomier schedule to get myself back into the good habits that make me feel amazing.  This month will be all about loving my body and providing it with everything that it needs: wholesome healthy food, rigorous exercise, and sleep.  So much sleep.

I’m happy to report that so far I’ve been doing well!  You guys…I managed to say no to cheese…while we were still in Orlando…at a Mexican restaurant.  I’m determined.

What is everyone resolving to this year? I’d love to hear- until next time!


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