Work It Out

Hey all!  So, we’re almost half-way through January, and I’ve been working really hard at my January goals of going 100% vegan and exercising five times per week.  All was going swimmingly…until today.
I just don’t know what happened.  I felt fine all day at work, and was actually looking forward to the gym and a good, lengthy sweat session.  However, on my walk there, my stomach began to have really intense, sharp pains.  Not wanting to give up my gym session, I tried to brush off the pain and continued on my way.  I changed, put my hair up, and popped myself onto a cardio machine with the hope that the pain was just a cramp that would wear off.  Well, needless to say, it didn’t, and I had to quit after five minutes.
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At first, I was really down on myself for skipping out on a gym session.  I felt disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, and even angry at myself for cutting my workout way short, and beat myself up over it on my home.  Then, I realized…I was being a mean girl to myself.  Rather than being gentle with myself and taking pride in the fact that I had listened to my body and done the right thing by stopping my workout, I was swept up in a whirlwind of hateful self-talk.  Crazy, right? Uhhh, yeah.  Extremely crazy.
Once I had realized that these thoughts were permeating my brain, I immediately shut them down.  If I’m going to make 2016 the year that I fell in love with myself, then I wasn’t off to a very good start with this type of thought process.  So, as tempting as it was to continue beating myself up over cutting a workout short, I made the choice to treat myself kindly instead.  I got home, took a warm shower, brewed some tea, and indulged in some ‘Vanderpump Rules.’  My body clearly needed a break, and in giving it one, I’ll be that much more prepared to kick ass tomorrow.  I did not quit on my goals today; I merely noticed what my body was screaming out to me and acted accordingly.  
While I know this is a small and insignificant (in a “grand scheme of things” sort of way) moment, it was a huge victory for me.  I made the conscious choice to love myself, listen to what I needed, and encourage myself that tomorrow I’ll be stronger than ever.

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