What’s Cookin

Hello!  I am so so so glad that the weekend is right around the corner.  This week has dragged by for some reason, and I am very much looking forward to unplugging for awhile.  To brighten my spirits and fuel myself up for one last day at work before three days of freedom, I decided to crack open my new cookbook that T got me for Christmas and whip up a new recipe.
I’ve been a huge fan of Angela Liddon’s blog, ‘Oh She Glows’ for years now.  I first stumbled across her page when I started to become interested in a vegan diet, and she quickly became my go-to source when wondering what to make for dinner.  Needless to say, when I unwrapped her cookbook on Christmas morning, I was so excited to bring it into the kitchen and start chopping, simmering, and blending my way through it.  Tonight, I chose to whip up a creamy vegetable curry with some brown rice.

 {so hard to pause eating for picture-taking}

This dish…was delicious.  It was perfectly warm, spicy, and stick-to-your-bones satisfying.  In other words, just what I needed.
Until next time!
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