The Big 1 (And Coping with Failure)

Today’s the big day…Have Heart’s 1st birthday!!! I cannot believe I’ve been writing this blog for a whole year now.  Admittedly, there were stretches of time where I did not post as often as I would have liked, but I think I’ve finally gotten my stride and I could not be more excited to see what another year of blogging brings!  A huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to anyone who has stumbled across this blog, or even lingered to read a post or two.  I truly appreciate your visits, your likes, and your comments, and I sincerely hope that you stop by again!

Now on to the coping with failure piece of this post.  When I first realized that Have Heart’s birthday fell during school vacation week, I was elated.  I had recently pinned a yummy looking recipe for vegan cupcakes, and I had my first book club meeting on the same day, so naturally I decided to kill three birds with one stone.  I could try out the recipe, take some pretty pictures for this birthday post, and have a sweet treat to bring to book club. I’ve baked things from scratch before, I said.  I have all week to gather my ingredients and bake, I said. You know where this is going, right?

Long story short, everything that could have gone wrong while baking these cupcakes, did.  It took six grocery store stops to find rainbow sprinkles, I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have a muffin tin (nor did any of the area grocery stores…what is up with them?), and my oven wouldn’t hit the temperature I needed.  Not wanting to give up on making these damn cupcakes, I decided to improvise.  I fashioned a muffin tin with a cake pan and baking cups, and readjusted the baking time to compensate for my finicky oven. Problems solved , I thought.  Nah.

colorful hockey puck or cupcake?

So, the baking cups didn’t hold up, and all of the cupcakes turned into hockey pucks that sort of melted into each other.  When I pulled those bad boys out of the oven, I was very tempted to bawl my eyes out.  I don’t exactly cope well with failure, and all I could focus on was the fact that now I wouldn’t be able to post pictures of lovely vegan baked goods, and that I would have to show up to book club (as a newcomer!) without an offering of sugar.  I was succumbing to my frustration and beating myself up pretty bad, both to myself and via text to T, when he said something that snapped me out of it pretty quickly.

After offering to stop and buy me a muffin tin on his way home, he suggested that I write about my eff-up…and that he bake pretty cupcakes while I went to book club.  Not only did he just win the award for sweetest and most patient boyfriend ever, but he unknowingly reminded me that a stupid batch of ruined cupcakes is HARDLY the end of the world.  I shouldn’t allow a small and admittedly funny mistake tarnish my sense of self-worth as a baker, a blogger, or a human person.  Sometimes, your cupcakes suck and all you can (and should) do is laugh it off, and maybe post some pictures of them so that others can laugh with you.

happier times

Even though my initial plans for this post didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, I decided to share them with you anyway.  None of us are perfect, and I think that it’s important to admit that to ourselves and each other every once and awhile.  And who needs cupcakes at a book club meeting anyway?  I’m sure what everyone will really want is a bottle of wine instead…and it’ll be pretty hard to mess that up.

Do you have any cringe-worthy kitchen stories? I’d love to hear about them (mostly so I don’t feel so alone!) Until next time!




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