My Everyday ‘Face’

I have such an admiration for those women who can roll out of bed in the morning and be more or less ready to greet the day. I, unfortunately, am not one of these women, and I need a little time to ‘put my face on’ before subjecting it to other humans (ha!) No, but really. I don’t feel like myself without my warrior paint on, and I’ve come to find my morning makeup routine to be incredibly soothing.  I never feel quite ready to tackle all that I need to until my makeup is done, and I am totally okay with that!


before/ crazy hair

everyday makeup label

On a day-to-day basis, my makeup routine stays more or less the same.  Here’s the scoop:

1) First I apply a thin layer of BB Cream to my face as a foundation.  This really smoothes out the texture and tone of my skin, without feeling too heavy.

2) Next, I dab a little bit of concealer on any areas of my face that might need a little extra coverage.  Once applied, I pat the area repeatedly with my finger to blend.

3) Up next, I dab a light amount of powder on the tip of my nose and my cheeks to prevent them from looking too dewy or shiny.

4) As someone who is naturally on the paler side, I like to apply just a touch of bronzer to the apples of my cheeks to brighten up my face.

5) On to the eyes- I swipe a pale bronze shadow over the lids of my eyes to make them pop.  My current favorite shade is this Neutrogena brand (the 2nd shade down in the palette.)

6) My favorite part of doing my makeup is without a doubt applying eyeliner.  I feel naked if I’m not wearing it! This one goes on really smoothly, making for easy cat-eyes! One tube also lasts FOREVER- I’ve had mine for so long that the label has worn off.

7) To pull the look together, I apply a coat or two of mascara on both my top and bottom lashes.

8) Finally, I use my handy dandy Q-tips to clean up any smudges, and I’m off!





What’s your makeup routine? Do you have any favorite tips or products? I’d love to hear.

Until next time!


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