Currently Craving

Spring is in the air which, among many other delightful things, means it’s time to re-vamp the ole’ wardrobe.  I’m currently craving pretty much everything floral, off-the-shoulder, and easy-breezy.  While having the budget of a student teacher makes clothes shopping feel absolutely laughable at the moment, I have an on-going list of “one day” pieces that I cannot wait to splurge on some time (hopefully) soon.  These pieces are all first up on my never-ending list.


H&M dress

I am OBSESSED with this dress.  The print is gorgeous, and this piece could easily be dressed up for a wedding, or down to a backyard cookout.



H&M blouse

I love a solid neutral blouse like this one.  It could easily be dressed up with the right accessories, but it’s just as cute left alone.


The Rage dress

I love pretty much everything about this dress.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and the cut looks extremely flattering.  I could see myself wearing this on a date night, at the farmer’s market, or even at work (paired with a cute denim jacket).

What are you craving for spring? I’d love to hear!

Until next time.


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