Hello, April

Happy 1st Day of April (and April Fool’s Day!)  I celebrated by playing a prank on my poor 6th graders by telling them they had to finish the novel that we’re reading by Tuesday morning! Tame, I know, but I got the better of them, and once I revealed that I was joking they all got a pretty good laugh out of it, so that’s a win- right?


Anyway, on to the real reason for this post, which is my goal updates!  For New Year’s I vowed to set mini-goals for myself each month to keep myself honest on the whole resolution thing, and it’s been going pretty well so far!  Last month, I resolved to write in a daily gratitude journal…and I have to say its been amazing.  I worked writing in my journal into my morning routine, and I can genuinely say that it had a hugely positive effect on my everyday mood.  I think it’s important to acknowledge moments in your life, big and small, that bring you joy because, honestly, what’s the point if you don’t? I highly recommend expressing gratitude for the positive things that happen to you, or even lessons you learn after something negative, in written form.  It’s a wonderful stress-reliever and mood lifter, and it leaves a record for you to refer back to on the days where it feels harder to see the bright side.  I whole-heartedly plan on continuing this ritual every morning.


With March’s goal conquered, I’m ready to tackle my April aim.  Since my last few goals (check them out here and here) focused on my mind and spirit, I wanted to switch gears and focus on something that would give my body a little TLC.  After thinking, a lot, I decided that my April goal will be…..drinking 1 gallon of water per day.  With this goal, I hope to make myself be more mindful of my drinks throughout the day, since right now my main source of fluid is coffee (I know.) I have not been drinking nearly enough water, and my aim is to establish a much healthier habit about consuming it regularly throughout the day.  I wouldn’t hate getting a flawless complexion in the deal either.

Until next time…wish me luck!


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