To say that life has changed a lot since my last post would be…entirely accurate.  I’ve been so excited to share all the goings-on around here for awhile, and am seizing a somewhat-freer afternoon to sit down and type it all out.

{my favorite (and cheesiest) bulletin board}

First things first- I am LOVING my new teaching job.  My coworkers are kind and helpful, my students are adorable and eager to learn (so far..we’ll see how true this is once the back-to-school “honeymoon” is over!), and the school building itself is brand new and gorgeous.  I’m still settling into my classroom and getting to know the everyday routines and rhythms of the school, and I’m bracing myself for the inevitable craze of October, when all of the real work and learning will begin.  I would be outright lying if I said I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed with planning curriculum, setting up grades, and all of the other lovely things a first-timer teacher needs to build from scratch.  However, I am very lucky to be teaching in my school, and I grow more grateful by the day that I wound up where I did.

In other news, T and I have finally made the move to Nashua!  I’m actually a bit surprised by how quickly we’ve settled in to such a drastically different place.  We’ve been here for about two weeks now, and I can happily report that we are officially unpacked!  However, even though our stuff is no longer in boxes, I have yet to find just the right place for everything.  I have some decorating/crafting projects planned for this fall and winter that I’m pretty excited about, including vamping up our dresser-turned-bar, and I think these will add those final touches that the new place is still missing.

dresser turned bar


desk digs

 I haven’t been able to explore much of our new city yet, but I’m deeply intrigued by a few spots in the downtown area that I’m sure we’ll be getting to soon.

Until next time xx


Boho Spaces

Hello all! With our upcoming move to Nashua creeping ever closer, I have home decor on the brain…like a lot.  I’m so excited to move into the new place and start the settling in process.  While we won’t be there for about another month, I’ve been obsessing brainstorming how I want to make the space look and feel.  I want our new apartment’s style to strike a balance between cozy and stylish, and so I took to Pinterest to start gathering some ideas.

It wasn’t long before I started noticing a trend in my “Round the House” Pinterest board.  I found myself being drawn to rooms with tons of color and texture, plenty of plants, unique knick knacks, and vintage furniture.  In short, the realization dawned that all of the looks I loved were pretty heavily lace with Bohemian style.  The rooms that inspired me most seemed to exhibit the perfect blends of comfort and style, color and coziness, usefulness and edginess.  Basically, I cannot wait to get into our new apartment and experiment with our new space to give it that funky, cozy, unique, and colorful Bohemian vibe I’m going for.  In the meantime, feel free to join me in crushing hard on and gaining inspiration from these gorgeous homes*.

boho 2
source here
boho 3
source here
boho 1
source here

To see what else I’m pinning, feel free to check out my Pinterest.  What’s inspiring you lately? Have any good home decor tips? I’d love to hear 🙂


*While I originally found all of these looks on Pinterest, I’ve credited their original sources (to the best of my knowledge) beneath each photo.


Currently Craving: Home Edition

Hello all! I have some very exciting news; T and I are moving!!! Apartment hunting in Boston is more or less real estate hell, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it took us a good 10+ showings before we finally found our new place, but it was well worth the wait.  We don’t move in until September, but I’m already getting so excited to decorate! I’m going for a relaxed, colorful, and inviting bohemian vibe for the new place, and I’ve already spent longer than I care to admit perusing for new home decor goodies.  Here are some of my absolute favorites:

I am in love with this colorful canvas.  I would hang it as a statement piece above the sofa in our new living room, or maybe as a ‘headboard’ for our bed.

pretty canvas

I would use this shelf as a space to house hand towels for guests, a fragrant candle, and a pretty trinket.  Hey, bathrooms should be dressed up too.


This pintuck pillow from Urban Outfitters looks just plushy enough to actually use on an every day basis, and has that bohemian touch that I’m looking for.  Plus, it comes in a ton of colors which is always a perk!


To say that I’m obsessed with this rug is an understatement.  I love pretty much everything about it, from its color scheme to its faux distressed pattern. Enough said.  I’d place this in our living room where, juxtaposed with neutral furniture, it could add a pop of color and texture.




I really like the understated simplicity of this mirror.  True, its silver edges have a funky design embedded in them, but the overall effect is far from overwhelming.  I would prop this mirror up on a table in the entry way of the new apartment.  Paired with a couple of accent bowls and a framed photograph of T and I, this mirror would pull the entire look together.

silver mirror


Last and certainly not least, I am seriously wanting to buy this faux steer head from  I would NEVER purchase a real skull to hang on my wall, but despite my aversion to taxidermy, I cannot help but love the desert vibe that this decoration brings to a room.  This fake skull is my solution: all of the style with none of the animal cruelty!

What pieces do you have in your home that you love? Working on a new project? A move? I’d love to hear- until next time!